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Option Strategies: A Mentorship Program

Learn from our seasoned traders who have been trading options successfully for years! Become a trader in your spare time. 

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Instructors: Sachin Sival

Validity Period: 360 days

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Why this course?


Learn how one of the most profitable trading strategies around is implemented and maintained. Watch as "Sachin Sival", founder of Replete Equities and experienced option trader share his insights on how to make your money work for you. Improve your skills by taking this mentorship program today.

Why should join this Mentorship Program?

Option Strategies are a powerful tool to balance your potential risks and returns.

In this mentorship program, you will learn everything from the basics of the options markets to more advanced trading techniques. You'll get hands-on experience with practical examples directly from "Sachin Sival" who has extensive knowledge on how to handle difficult market conditions.

Whether you want to be an active trader or an investor, understanding options strategies is essential in developing a successful strategy for whatever outcome we face over the next few years."

With our mentorship program, our world-class professional explain precisely how option strategies work and teach you everything from advanced strategies to even how adjustments are made when an event happens (something that can happen with any strategy.).

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up for this Option strategy - A Mentorship Program (Version 2.0)

Looking to learn the basics of option strategies or want to take your skillset from beginner to expert?

Option Strategies: A mentorship program is what you need. This Program will teach all the bare necessities about different strategy such as put and call options, directional trading, hedging techniques, and much more!

Whether working on a team or solo in financial markets, being acquainted with these strategies can be the difference between failure and success. With help from our video mentor sessions, our exclusive Txt & PDF library with tactics for every stage of development and some quality time with your idea exchange partners – we've got everything covered.


You will get 3 bonuses with the courses:

  1.  Completion Certificate 
  2.  Lifetime access to our Telegram Group for queries and discussions.
  3.  3 Months subscription to our premium Telegram channel where you will get readymade strategies along with timely adjustments.

Course Curriculum

BankNifty Intraday strategy for Mon,Tues & Wed-highlight Preview
BASIC PRINCIPLES OF OPTIONS: How to calculate Intrinsic Value & the time value of the option premium?
Lesson -2 (Part - 1)
Intrensic value (10:00)
Lesson - 2 (Part - 2)
The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model and How to find Daily/Weekly/Monthly range with the help of IV?
Lesson - 3
The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model(New) (31 pages)
Implied Volatility and Historical Volatility
Implied Volatility Vs Historical Volatility (10:00)
Calculation of Standard Deviation with IV
Option Greeks and Delta neutrality: How to make your portfolio delta neutral?
Lesson - 4
Option Greeks (53:00)
Delta Neutrality
How to make your portfolio delta neutral?
Open Interest and Put Call Ratio: How to find Support & Resistance with the help of OI & PCR?
Lesson - 5
Put Call Ratio (5:00)
Lesson - 5 (Part -1)
How to find support and resistance with the help of PCR_ (11:00)
Lesson - 5 (Part -3)
Basic Option Strategies: Covered Calls, Protective Puts and Collar strategy
Lesson - 6
Breakeven Points (3:00)
Basic Option Strategies Covered Calls and Protective Puts (26 pages)
Cover Call & Protective Puts (10:00)
When to initiate Cover Calls and Protective puts?
Collar Strategy for Directional Movement
Modified Collar strategy (22:00)
Rules for Modified Collar Strategy
VERTICAL SPREADS (Part-1) – Directional strategies with adjustments
Lesson - 7
Bull Call Spread (27:00)
Bear Put Spread (22:00)
VERTICAL SPREADS: Sideways Strategies or Monthly Income
Advanced Strategy – Iron Condor & It’s Adjustments
Conservative Strategy: IRON CONDOR
Adjustment to the Iron condor trades:
Calendar spread – Vega long strategy(Weekly Expiry)
Calendar Call Spread
Adjustments of Calendar Call Spread
Calendar Put Spread
Adjustments: Calendar Put Spread
Optimize calendar spread
Ratio & Ladder Spread with adjustments
Call Ratio Spread
Adjustments: Call Ratio Spread
Put Ratio Spread
Adjustments: Put Ratio Spread
Ladder Spreads
Call Ladder Spread
Adjustments: Call Ladder Spread
Put Ladder Spread
Adjustments: Put Ladder Spread
Straddle & Strangles
Short Straddle
Adjustments: Short Straddle
BankNifty Intraday Strategy
BankNifty Intraday Strategy
BankNifty Intraday Strategy Setup
Iron Butterfly Strategy, Rules and Adjustments
Iron Butterfly Strategy
Adjustments for Iron Butterfly Strategy
Event-Based strategy with Implied Volatility Consideration
Event-based strategy
Event-based strategy (34:00)
Monthly Income Strategy with adjustments
Monthly Income Strategy
Monthly Income Strategy trading Rules and Strategy Structure
Monthly Income Strategy: ADJUSTMENTS
Nifty & BankNifty Intraday Strategies
Nifty Intraday Strategies
Nifty Intraday Hang-on-Trade Strategy (8:00)
Nifty 1230 Intraday Strategy (4:00)
Nifty Intraday Strategies _ Backtest pdf (24 pages)
Excel Sheet
BankNifty Intraday Strategies
BankNifty Intraday strategy for Mon,Tues & Wed (3:00)
BankNifty Intraday Strategy for Friday (4:00)
BankNifty basket _ Backtest Index Strategies (43 pages)
BankNifty Expiry Day strategies
BankNifty Expiry Day Intraday Strategy (5:00)
Weekly Expiry Positional Strategies
TSS strategy for Positional
TSS Positional Strategy for BankNifty weekly expiry (6:00)
TSS with 100% stoploss _ Backtest Index Strategies (19 pages)
TSS for BankNifty without stoploss _ Backtest Index Strategies (17 pages)
Modified Iron Condor Weekly Strategy for Positional
Trapdoor weekly expiry strategy for Banknifty (13:00)
TTrapdoor Weekly Strategy for Banknifty _ Backtest Report (24 pages)
Mouse Ear Iron Condor for Positional
CATIC Weekly Strategy for BankNifty (8:00)
CATIC weekly strategy for BankNifty _ Backtest Report (24 pages)

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